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SE Experimentelle Architektur



ikebana /ɪkɪˈbɑːnə/


̷…̸f̶r̸o̸m̶ ̶e̵a̴r̴t̸h̴ ̵t̸o̷ ̴h̵e̸a̸v̴e̸n̶…̴


Ikebana is from the Japanese ikeru (生ける, "to arrange (flowers), have life, keep alive") and hana (, "flower"). Possible translations include "giving life to flowers" and "arranging flowers" that emphasizes form and balance.


The art of Ikebana is the point of departure for the course ExArch experimental architecture. In this mini design course, we will experiment with designing architectural assemblages with an artistic and sculptural approach, where we will investigate the architectonic qualities of Ikebana in vertical spaces. Like a Sensei, Ikebana's meditative and precise design method will guide us through an exploration of figure-ground, parts, compositions, materials, and design between nature and artificial, physical and digital, heaven and hell. We will observe it, compost it and start to make a new Hana for architectural fabulation.


Cenk Guzelis
Kathrin Aste


WS 22-23


Institut ./studio3


21.10.2022, 11.00h bis 13.00h
28.10.2022, 10.00h bis 17.00h